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Shoped It is the largest online shopping website of aphrodisiac in Singapore.Guarantee 100% genuine.

About Shoped

Our Mission is simple -to bring “value for money”
back to the health supplements marketplace!


Every time we walked into a Singapore pharmacy, department store or health supplements shop, and picked up a bottle of vitamins or supplements,we were shocked at the prices being charged. We knew that prices for the exact same brands and products in their country of origin are much, much lower. So why are consumers in Singapore and the region being forced to pay so much more for the same thing? The answer is simple – the middlemen. From that $60 price tag on a bottle of vitamin C, at least $30 goes to the pharmacy or the store owner. The importer needs a markup of at least 3 times to cover their operating expenses and make a little profit. So that is how the $10 bottle ends up costing you $60.

Thanks to the Internet, for the first time we can cut out the middlemen, and deal directly with you, the customer. We are buying in bulk directly from the manufacturers in the USA. By keeping our costs low, and using modern, efficient business practices, we can deliver the products you want, the brands you know, at the almost same price as consumers in the US are paying.

Our suppliers are all 100% American companies, all manufacturing and packaging take place in the U.S.A, and have to meet the strictest Federal standards and regulations. So go ahead and shop with complete confidence.

Because we are local, we are at your doorstep. We can deliver your order to your home or workplace within two working days. If you’ve ordered the wrong product, if it’s unopened, you can simply return it. Is there something you need that you can’t find? We’ll bring it in for you. Do you need more information or advice? Want to give us feedback? Contact us through our chat system, email, or call us during office hours.

We are working hard to bring you more products, more information on how to enjoy better health, and more value. Sign up as a member (it’s free!) to enjoy even more benefits and be kept updated on the latest deals and products.

To all of you, from all of us at Shoped – Thank you and enjoy shopping with us!